Natural Chiropractic Pain Management in Temple TX

Natural Chiropractic Pain Management IN Temple TX

Natural Chiropractic Pain Management in Temple TX

At Advanced Chiropractic, our mission is to optimize health. We believe our patients deserve to face each day with the strength and stamina to meet their goals and live up to their God-given potential. When someone is in pain, it becomes very difficult or nearly impossible to meet that goal. If you are looking for natural chiropractic pain in Temple TX contact us today!

Our team of doctors and other staff members work hard to provide patients with the best in natural chiropractic pain management. Many of our patients come to our office after over-the-counter pain relief pills and prescription drugs fail to live up to their claims. They are often tired of masking their problem instead of getting to the root cause.

In our experience, getting to the root cause is the way to manage pain naturally. When we prescribe a series of adjustments, massage, and other therapies, we help patients avoid dangerous side effects and the possibility of addiction.

Natural chiropractic pain management considers each patient’s general state of health, treatment preferences, and long-term goals. We work hard to help patients develop a new lifestyle that supports more effortless movement with diminished or even absent pain.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Manage Pain

Holistic chiropractic pain management has helped many of our patients manage and even eliminate their pain. This approach is about so much more than performing a quick adjustment and sending a patient on their way. It is a comprehensive approach that includes making healthier lifestyle choices, and it works.

Natural chiropractic pain management works so well that it has gained the recognition and respect of many esteemed medical organizations. The American College of Physicians is a professional organization representing internal medicine. This specialty focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases that occur inside the body.

As the largest medical specialty organization in the United States, the American College of Physicians issues respected practice recommendations. Due to the rising rates of prescription pain medication addiction, many organizations, including this one, have shifted their attention to finding non-drug alternatives. The American College of Physicians now recommends spinal manipulation, a form of natural chiropractic pain management.

Different Types of Pain that Respond to Chiropractic Care

Research has revealed many different types of pain that respond to chiropractic care. In general, holistic chiropractic pain management is often helpful for headaches, neck aches, low back pain, muscle pain, and other joint pain. Some highlights from the research:

A study of children found a holistic chiropractic pain management program that included spinal adjustment helped the children feel better and have fewer days ruined by headaches.

A New Hampshire doctor analyzed 33,000 patient records and found that they were able to reduce their opioid use by 56% and manage pain naturally for their low back.

One researcher put people in mild pain and then had them receive holistic chiropractic pain management adjustment. When the people were subject to the same pain-producing treatment, they felt less pain after a chiropractic adjustment.

What is a Subluxation? Subluxation is a word we frequently use in our office. It means misalignment. Spinal subluxations are corrected using hands-on chiropractic adjustment.

How Can Subluxation Cause Pain?

A subluxation can cause pain because it can compress spinal nerves. Nerve compression can be painful. An example of very mild nerve compression is when a foot “falls asleep.”

Since the bones or vertebrae of the spinal cord protect the spine, any nerve compression in the spine can cause pain in various locations. This is due to the global nature of the nerves; they are everywhere.

In addition to helping you feel sensations such as heat, cold, pain, and touch, nerves also control many physical processes. The heart, for example, is filled with nerves that control the vital flow of blood. When the heart doesn’t get enough oxygen-rich blood, it can cause a painful heart attack. This is only one case in which nerve dysfunction leads to body malfunction and pain.

How Does Natural Chiropractic Pain Management Work?

Chiropractic adjustment can help manage pain naturally by getting to the source of the problem: spinal subluxation. Adjustments remove any compression or interference in the nerves, so the neural pathways flow freely. This enables the body and brain to communicate more fully. When feeling and function are restored, the body can more fully focus to manage pain and heal.

The holistic chiropractic pain management we use in our office involves much more than correcting subluxation with several chiropractic adjustments. We favor a whole-life approach that gives you access to achieving with your whole heart, mind, and body.

Since health is about more than not feeling pain, our approach is designed to maximize health. We take a whole-person approach to improve your dietary choices, physical fitness, and overall outlook. We also help you strengthen your support network and spiritual practices to better cope with stress and manage pain naturally.

How Patients Can Manage Pain Between Sessions

At Advanced Chiropractic, we don’t just give our patients relief. We give them the tools to manage pain naturally and successfully. In addition to spinal manipulation, we teach our patients better ways to use their bodies. This includes working on healthier movement patterns for work, home, and play.

As much as we love holistic chiropractic pain management, there are many other ways to manage pain. Swimming is one way to manage pain naturally because swimming activates the endocannabinoid system. This natural arsenal of pain management releases biochemicals that reduce pain, diminish stress, and boost mood. Endocannabinoids can also enhance memory and immunity.

Another practice our patients benefit from is yoga. A study found that participants in a 10-week chronic pain management program felt less pain in just 10 weeks. According to questionnaires they completed before and after moving to this popular exercise, pain also interfered less with daily life. The most striking finding was that the people who did the yoga felt their bodies were more responsive, meaning that they could more freely move the way they wanted to move.

A variety of mindfulness-based practices are also helpful in pain management. Deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation techniques can take a few sessions to perform successfully, but they are powerful ways to manage pain.

Deep breathing is almost as easy as taking a breath and can be used anywhere. This strategy is beneficial because it short-circuits the fight-flight-or-freeze response. The Big 3Fs occur when we’re under stress and prepare our bodies to react. They’re great for getting away from a bear or out of a burning house, but they release harmful stress-related biochemicals into the body. Over time, however, large amounts of these substances can damage the insulin-processing, immune, and neurological systems. This can also make the pain worse.

When you breathe deeply, you activate the relaxation response. This is the opposite of the big 3Fs and is also known as the “rest-and-digest” mode. These activities give the body the resources needed to repair and manage pain by addressing its underlying issues.

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